Wednesday, November 27, 2013


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Sunday, January 15, 2012

I love jewelry

I woke up with jewelry on my mind this morning. It's one of the pleasures in life that always brings a smile to my face. I was lucky to grow up around women with impeccable and unique jewelry styles. As I grew, and they grew further away, I find comfort in taking pieces of them - memories of them- with me on my daily adventures.

I'd like to share some of my jewelry staples over a series of posts but first must tackle the critics. (Typically, I just have one, his name is Michael). 

Common criticisms or misconceptions about my jewelry passion:
1) It has to be expensive
This is just untrue. Some of my favorite daily staples are inexpensive costume pieces that I've picked up while running errands. (Shiny things distract me.) Granted, I have some beautiful, expensive pieces, but they aren't valued by me because they are expensive. They're valued because I love them. And love the people who gifted them to me. My taste = things I love. I won't buy earrings on super clearance at Stein Mart if I don't love them.
2) Jewelry doesn't DO anything, what is the purpose of spending money on something that doesn't DO anything.
Ah, the materialistic, inanimate object argument. Trust me, this debate could go around in circles for hours. My new approach- honesty! This is what jewelry does for me:
  • Routine - I'm finished, ready to go in the world, when my earring back is firmly in place. The comfort of this routine starts my every day on the right foot.
  • Sentimentality - There is a memory or a story associated with 75% of the jewelry I wear. Someday's I'm a walking scrapbook of my life. I have a grandmother on my ring finger, my other grandmother on my wrist, mom on my other ring finger, and my aunt and michael around my neck. I get to have the people I love with me all day long. How lucky is that?
  • Confidence- Even on the greyest, most exhausted, frumpy, grumpy, plain ol bad day, something about me will still be shining. I can still look in a mirror, see that twinkle, and smile. It's silly but it's something.
3) You already have one, why do you need another?
This is Michael's favorite argument with me re: watches. Jewelry is not about need, it's about want. Nobody needs jewelry. The simplest answer: I want another because I do.
4) "I don't have any nice pieces like you do" 
My girlfriends say this to me a lot. My response "well then let's get you some." I think "nice" is less about price and more about practicality. Every girl should have neat and simple pieces she could put on with every outfit and feel finished. (We'll cover these in the staples). Also, I encourage girls to ask for jewelry as gifts. We're hard to buy for and with some clear, specific direction your friends and family would love to build your collection.

Okay, that should cover the common ones, if you have additional criticisms please email

Monday, July 11, 2011

totally out of groceries dinner

Have to eat out a ton this week so I didn't want to buy groceries. So, I made my old standby. Pasta Carbonara. YUM! It's the perfect comfort food and it sound's fancy too.


1 Cup Corkscrew Pasta

3 tbs milk or cream

2 tsp butter

1 egg

1/2 Cup parm cheese

3 pieces bacon chopped

Salt & Pepper

Pinch of Crush Red Pepper (optional)

1) Cook the bacon till brown, drain on paper towels
2) Cook pasta according to box, salt water

3) Gently beat egg with milk until just blended

4) Add parm cheese, pepper and red pepper to egg & milk mixture

5) Drain pasta, coat pasta with butter

6) Slowly add egg & milk mixture to hot pasta stirring constantly so egg doesn't scramble

7) Add bacon

8) Enjoy while feeling accomplished about making something that ends in vowel in less than 30 minutes with ingredients you already had at home!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Sometimes I think God reads my planner

Another nutso week is upon me. In to work early and up late trying to finish projects and meet deadlines. I had low hopes for how this day would go when I found myself locked out of my computer first thing this a.m. But then, meetings started miraculously being cancelled. One by one by morning became cleared so I could finish key projects and not be panicked all day. So, I'm convinced, God looked at my planner and said "Nope, she's at her max. I'll just move some things around."

The rest of the day will be good. I know it.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

just like highschool with adult bank accounts

my cousin was in his first year of college when he was reflecting on a situation regarding the adults in his life. he told me...

"you can't even get involved. it's just like highschool but with adult bank accounts. in five years no one is going to remember this argument happened. everyone will move on. it sucks right now but it won't soon."

it struck me as very wise at the time but the fact that i've thought about it and carried it with me reinforces how true it was and is. it doesn't matter how old you are, we (adults) will act like teenagers. (dont' believe me? watch rhonyc). we'll be upset about something today and over it the next.

this sentiment is especially helpful when work gets difficult. and i'm taking my successes and failures way too seriously. it will pass. no one will remember in 5 years. in fact, no one will remember on monday.

eat your eggs. drink your chardonnay. go to bed. tomorrow will be better.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

chewed up

some days work or life makes me feel chewed up and spit out. today was one of those days. i'm tired. my eyes are red. i worked late. and just the thought of talking to someone else, someone in a fast food drive-thru or at a grocery cash register pushes me over the edge. i've developed a solution for such nights though. when i'm starving for dinner but craving quiet and solace.

scrambled eggs, bacon, toast with butter (that's right-- real butter) and chardonnay.

works every time.
now i'm happy and writing away.

hi there. did you miss me?

I missed you.
so i'm back. not gonna talk about my blog sabbatical. just going to start writing again.